About us

What are you doing here?

You’re fueling a local economy, enriching the local community, supporting union labor and benefiting from worker-ownership. Here’s why…

Collective Copies staffWe’re a worker-owned collective and union shop—we all do the work, we all make the decisions, we all benefit from doing those things well.

We’re locally owned, not part of a park-paving, pocket-padding, power-pandering corporate chain.

We donate 10% of our profits each year in response to requests from student/youth groups, organizations and individuals. Our giving favors human rights, creative expression and living things.

We only use recycled paper and we offer a selection of tree-free alternatives like 100% pcw and sugarcane.

We have the services you need. Need a ton of copies quick? Black & white, color, wide format? Looking for someone to turn your paper documents into PDFs—or print your PDFs onto paper? Maybe just send a fax? Hello.

We do great work. Sure, we have high-quality digital equipment, but our worker-owners are professionals who actually know — and care — what we’re doing.

We offer a 3.5¢ overnight bulk rate on black & white, and great rates on full color.

We’re open 24-7 on the web! Click here for our store hours.

Not only does Collective Copies provide efficient service but the convenience of being able to send my order online is wonderful. Noreen Bennett, PawPrint Trials, Read more testimonials

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