Mission Statement

Tree worshipWe are committed to achieving success in business by…

Serving our customers to the very best of our abilities and resources.
We apply our skill, creativity and experience to offer quality work at a fair price. We work to communicate effectively with customers, foster an atmosphere of mutual trust, kindness and respect, and continually educate ourselves and our customers.

Fostering a fun, safe, open, creative, trusting and respectful working environment. 
We commit ourselves to taking the time to celebrate one another’s successes, console our losses and promote personal growth.

Minimizing our environmental impact.
We work to reduce our footprint through recycling, waste reduction and the use and promotion of recycled and alternative fiber papers. We are further committed to exploring and adopting greener alternatives as they become viable.

Contributing to our community and supporting our local economy.
We return 10% of our profits to the community that sustains us. We actively seek out additional ways to help our community, its members and its workers. We promote, frequent and assist area businesses that share this commitment.

Striving to empower all workers.
We help to further economic justice by serving as a model and resource for positive, profitable worker-ownership. We create secure, empowering and financially rewarding jobs for our own workers and we are committed to securing similar opportunities for all workers.

You people are in a neck-in-neck with Amherst Farmer Supply as my super beloved, absolute #1 favorite local store. In both places, I leave happier than I arrive. Pam Victor, The Happier Valley Comedy Show, Read more testimonials

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