Sun on the Muddy – Poetry and Photos with Jim Armenti and Dave Madeloni

Meet Jim Armenti, famed singer/songwriter of the Lonesome Brothers, a larger-than-life rock and roller who wrote a wry, brilliant poem a day and didn’t tell anyone. In Sun on the Muddy, Jim gives us fifty irresistible reflections on the objects and people that make a life: a shell from the Everglades, a cowboy wallet, his mother’s colander, his father’s mandolin. Jim takes you to his grandparents’ basement “Full of the things of the five grown children/ medals from the war, a cornet… A coal room still dusty, next to the wine/ making room. The past drunk away but still/ Living.”

Meet Dave Madeloni, a photographer who captures, as he says, the “poetry of puddles.” Dave finds stunning beauty all around, not where we ordinarily look, but right in front of us reflected in the thousands of puddles we tend to ignore. Meet yourself, too, mirrored in the places where these poems and photos intersect. In fragments and recollections, great moments of laughter and sorrow, something found, something lost, where the muddy is illuminated by the sun.

2PM Hawks~Hayden Community Room

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